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Windows Phone Market Share On the Rise In the US

3 Jun

Kantar has released its smartphone market share figures for this quarter with Windows Phone now holding 5.6% of the the US market share. Windows Phone rise in numbers is being attributed to gains in the 25 to 34 year old age group.

Source: Kantar


What New Features Will Windows Phone Gain With The Xbox Reveal Today?

21 May


This is the burning question I have with the new Xbox being revealed today at 1:00 EST/10:00 PST. Will my Xbox Live games on my Windows Phone function the same as my Xbox Live games on the console? And what about Xbox Live on Windows 8? The ability to save your game progress if you ever have to switch phones will be awesome. I’m getting tired of having to restart my Angry Birds or Cut The Rope progress because I opted to upgrade or switch my phone.  I know that Rovio is making cloud game saves available soon but this needs to be the standard with all Xbox Live mobile games. Many feel as though Google leapfrogged Microsoft’s Xbox Live mobile strategy with it’s cloud gaming across platforms in Google Play. I’ll bet my money (if I were a better) on a software company whose proven success with the Xbox Live brand and services on consoles will soon apply to it’s entire ecosystem rather than an ad company first and foremost that forces you to join Google Plus in order to use YouTube. Sorry, I didn’t meant to go into a rant but that really disturbs me Google!

Anyways, grab a chair turn on your Xbox and watch it all unfold with the Live Event Player.

You can also watch it online at or from your Windows Phone 8 device here.

Windows Phone Red Box Deals Are Live

16 May

RED BOX DEAL 1Microsoft introduced the Red Box Deal promotion for the Windows Phone store which places apps on sale and introduces a new set each week.

Here are the discounted apps for this week.

Super Monkey Ball 2
Get It Here.

Hockey Nations PP
Get It Here.
Get It Here.


Windows Phone Overtakes Blackberry As Third Platform Worldwide

16 May

Ok, let’s just say I’m a little stoked this morning by the IDC’s report (IDC is an analyst firm for those wondering) that Windows Phone has now overtaken Blackberry to gain the third smartphone spot globally. While 3.2%  worldwide market share might seem minute compared to Android and IOS that still reflects 133.3 % of growth over the same period last year. Blackberry is sitting at 2.9% market share down 35.1% from the same period a year ago.

IDC also had this to say about the Windows Phone platform:

Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year gain among the leading operating systems, more than doubling its size from a year ago. Nokia was largely responsible for driving these volumes higher, accounting for 79.0% of all Windows Phone shipments during the quarter. Since Nokia began shipping Windows Phone devices, the company has shipped a total of 20.3 million units and grown the footprint worldwide to include address multiple market segments. Meanwhile, other vendors continue to offer Windows Phone devices, but mainly as an alternative to their signature Android devices. Still, the gains made by Windows Phone demonstrate both end-user demand and OEM support.”

I firmly believe our beloved platform can only continue to go up from here. There are a number of low to mid range smartphones beginning to flood the worldwide market with Nokia leading the reigns with the Lumia 520, Lumia 521(heading to Tmobile USA), Lumia 620 and the Lumia 720. Let’s not forget the release of the top of the line Nokia Lumia 928 debuting on Verizon today, the Nokia Lumia 925  flagship phone heading to Tmobile possibly June and rumors of upcoming Samsung and HTC phones on Sprint this summer. So, what do you think?

Read the full report here.

Top Five Smartphone Operating Systems, Shipments, and Market Share, 1Q 2013 (Units in Millions)                 

Operating System

1Q13 Shipment Volume

1Q13 Market Share

1Q12 Shipment Volume

1Q12 Market Share

Year over Year Change













Windows Phone






BlackBerry OS






























Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, May 2013.

It’s A Not-So- Sunny Day To Return To Blogging

15 May

sunOk, so its been a “Superyredupery” long time since I’ve entered any type of statement, article or rant on this blog lol. I’m REAAAALLLLLYYYY hoping to change that and hoping my back allows me to do what I love to do and that’s inform and update people on Microsoft’s Windows Phone products and services. Here’s to an exciting summer of new phones with the upcoming Lumia 925 and 928 heading to Tmobile and Verizon, respectively. Take care folks and see you soon!

What New Features Are In The Windows Phone’s Tango Update?

18 Jun

Want to know what’s coming with Microsoft’s Tango update for Windows Phone? The ability to attach multiple pictures, voice notes and videos to text messeges are some of the very few welcomed changes. See the WPCentrals’s video below.



Source: WPCentral

Great Read: Who’s Behind The Resurgence Of Windows Phone?

9 Jun

And here’s another “Great Read” we thought you might enjoy.

An article by John Furrier on Forbes detailing how Microsoft’s Windows Phone and ecosystem may be on to something.

Get all the details here!

Source: Forbes

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