What New Features Will Windows Phone Gain With The Xbox Reveal Today?

21 May


This is the burning question I have with the new Xbox being revealed today at 1:00 EST/10:00 PST. Will my Xbox Live games on my Windows Phone function the same as my Xbox Live games on the console? And what about Xbox Live on Windows 8? The ability to save your game progress if you ever have to switch phones will be awesome. I’m getting tired of having to restart my Angry Birds or Cut The Rope progress because I opted to upgrade or switch my phone.  I know that Rovio is making cloud game saves available soon but this needs to be the standard with all Xbox Live mobile games. Many feel as though Google leapfrogged Microsoft’s Xbox Live mobile strategy with it’s cloud gaming across platforms in Google Play. I’ll bet my money (if I were a better) on a software company whose proven success with the Xbox Live brand and services on consoles will soon apply to it’s entire ecosystem rather than an ad company first and foremost that forces you to join Google Plus in order to use YouTube. Sorry, I didn’t meant to go into a rant but that really disturbs me Google!

Anyways, grab a chair turn on your Xbox and watch it all unfold with the Live Event Player.

You can also watch it online at Xbox.com or from your Windows Phone 8 device here.


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